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Service Area

Below you will find a list of our oil service areas, our delivery schedule, and our payment options. Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.

New Hampshire


West Chesterfield















Delivery Areas and Days

Here at Davis Oil we use a sophisticated system based on "degree days" that calculates when our customers will be in need of a delivery. Provided a customer does not do something uncharacteristic our computer system calculates delivery need based on your history of usage (if available) combined with degree days to accurately evaluate when deliveries are needed.

So rather than basing our delivery schedule on being in certain towns on particular days we provide better service by coming to you when we are actually needed! This also help us control costs and pass the savings along to you!

Payment Options

We offer some different delivery and payment options in an effort to accommodate our valued customers.

Our delivery and payment options are:

Delivery Option: On Call

Deliveries for On Call customers are available Monday - Friday. The minimum order quantity is 150 gallons, and can be ordered in higher quantities to suit your budget. Ex. 160, 170, 180, etc.

Delivery Option: Regular Automatic Customer

Deliveries will be made on a degree day basis, which means delivery need is estimated by both the weather and your average use history. We keep track of the deliveries and bill you.

Payment Option: 10 Month Budget Plan (Our best and most highly recommended plan)

Here's how it works: The plan runs from September to June. When you sign up we take the current cash price and add 20 cents per gallon. This will be your initial monthly payment. However that’s only so that you begin building up money into your account for later use. Lets suppose you receive your first delivery on December 1st; the cash price on that day is what gets deducted from the balance you have been building. So your account will begin growing in September, and later at some point during the winter will probably swing into the negative. After that whatever you owe beyond what you have already paid is settled up on June 1st.

Payment Option: Pre-Buy

Simply pre-buy the number of gallons you estimate will be needed for the winter and pay in full when placing the order. This is an option that we also appreciate.

Payment Option: 30 Day Plan

You may request to receive oil deliveries on a 30 day payment plan. Your application will be considered and if approved payment will be due within 30 days of delivery.

Payment Option: Fuel Assistance

Money that we receive from the state is to cover your oil delivery, and you must call when a delivery is desired.


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